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What is it?

The Similarity Check service helps Crossref members avoid academic and professional plagiarism by providing immediate feedback on how similar a manuscript is to other academic and general content published on the web, through Turnitin's iThenticate text comparison software.

iThenticate is the most trusted plagiarism checker from the world's leading researchers, editors and academics. With an exclusive partnership with CrossRef, the Similarity Check service delivers a personalized experience from iThenticate, so that the members have access to a database of unparalleled, high-quality academic content.

Expressive databases such as IEEE, Springer Nature, Wiley-Blackwell, and thousands of others rely on iThenticate to identify non-original works. Every year, iThenticate checks 14 million documents for plagiarism, comparing each submission with its extensive content database.

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  • Protect your reputation from the harm of a plagiarism allegation;
  • Increase your chances of acceptance with the editors' preferred tool;
  • Comprehensive results with the Similarities Report, which highlights sections of text for review and helps ensure work originality;
  • Check matches and sources in an intuitive dashboard to preview source content and make it easy to review each match;
  • Identify critical issues by quickly identifying the most important text matches to analyze;
  • Increase the journal’s credibility;

How we work

Only CrossRef members are entitled to use the Similarity Check / iThenticate service, which includes read-only access to the full text of articles in the Similarity Check database for comparison purposes. Learn more about becoming a CrossRef member.

Similarity Check subscribing members allow Turnitin, the company behind iThenticate, to index a full catalog of their current published and archived content in the iThenticate database. This means that the service is only available to members who are actively publishing DOI-attributed content and including full-text URLs in their metadata specifically for similarity checking.

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