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OJS Hosting


What is it?

The hosting service consists of storing and enabling access to a website over the Internet. Without a hosting server, a website cannot be made available on the Internet.

For journal sites based on OJS, it is very important that they are hosted on a stable, fast and secure server, to guarantee full system functioning for all users: authors, reviewers and editors. It is also essential that it has enough space to store the entire volume of files submitted to the system by users.

OJS is the main free software for electronic publishing of scientific journals used in Brazil and around the world. To use it, you just need to have a hosting server to install it and start using it.

And that's exactly what we do: we host your OJS, install the system for free and have it ready for use in just a few hours!


  • Free installation
  • Release in less than 24 hours*
  • Server settings support
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth (file transfer)
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 1 free update per year
  • Daily backup (database, files and directories - 7-days storage by copy)
  • Support via email / help-desk
  • Single installation
  • Technical support for system settings (server)
  • Technical support for system infrastructure (server)

Other technical features: Fast SSD storage, SFTP and SSH access, MySQL Database and 24/7 availability. Storage for 7 days of each backup.

*For contracts signed up to 3:00 pm on the contracting day (Brazil, Sao Paulo, UTC - 3:00).

How we work

By hiring the OJS hosting service, your journal account will be created and all access (username and password / sFTP, SSH and database) will be sent to the registration email. We do not have a control panel for managing the hosting account and passwords. You can perform all the necessary configuration on your website's server account, but all management of the hosting account is done by GeniusDesign.

We provide support via chat during business hours and via email / help-desk.

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