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OJS Update / Upgrade


What is it?

Periodically, the Project Public Knowledge - PKP development team releases OJS updates to implement system improvements, fixing security flaws or releasing new functionalities.

On August 31, 2016, PKP released OJS version, significantly changing technology, usability and system design. This new version was developed from community feedback, several usability tests and technology adjustment in software design.

If you still don't know all the changes of OJS 2.4.8 to version 3.x, check out this post on our blog.


Keeping your OJS system updated will guarantee you access to the new features released by the PKP development team, greater stability and security. We recommend that you review the changes that will be made when updating your OJS installation. New features may require a new learning and adapting effort, especially if your version has not received new updates for a long time.

If you are still using OJS in version 2.4.8, we recommend that you upgrade it to the latest version 3.x. The gains and improvements are countless! We recommend that you check out the new features on our blog.

How we work

We will make a backup copy of your magazine and perform all the upgrade procedures on an external server, so as not to compromise the performance and use of your system in production. Your system copy will be updated and a temporary link will be released so that the editorial team can verify and validate the OJS system update. After everything is properly validated, the updated version of your OJS will be made available on your server, making it available to all your users.

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