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OJS’ Operational Support and Maintenance


What is it?

The support and maintenance service for electronic journals in OJS - Open Journal System - consists of providing full technical support for the application and technical-operational support to the system users.

The OJS system maintenance includes implementing and configuring existing plug ins (made available by the international community), operational and technical support of the system to the editorial team, monitoring features for the correct system functioning and the update of OJS versions, ensuring that your journal always counts on the new functionalities and corrections implemented by the development team of PKP - Public Knowledge Project.


By hiring GeniusDesign's maintenance and support service, the editorial team will be able to focus on the main role: scientific production.

At the same time that OJS’ features variety ensures a deep information control and of the entire editorial flow, users with less practice may find difficulties in using the system or make mistakes in the features’ operation. For situations like this, GeniusDesign will be available to identify the error and help correcting it, giving full support to the editorial team to overcome obstacles.

Our experience shows that, in many large institutions, the technical support offered by TI lacks specific knowledge about this application and, in many cases, the editorial team's work is stuck, or even paralyzed due to unsolved problems.

How we work

The OJS support and maintenance service may be performed in installations carried out on GeniusDesign's own server (developed by us) or hosted on third-party servers.

The following activities are included in this service:

  • operational support to editors and managers through help-desk/email system and messaging application for system guidance and use;
  • system settings support;
  • default or free theme customization;
  • installing and configuring plug ins*;
  • free support for single-journal migration;
  • periodic system updates (1 update/year);
  • access metrics monitoring;
  • operational troubleshooting*;
  • 5 hours of monthly assistance through help-desk

*we are not responsible for the technical support offered by the hosting service when it is performed by third parties.

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